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Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in General Advice, Personal Freelance Experiences, Productivity, Running a Business | 1 comment

Personal Recommendation: Using FreshBooks To Save You Time And Money


First of all, this is not an advertisement. I’ve been using FreshBooks for a few months now and I absolutely love it. It just works so perfectly and saves me so much time and allows me to collect more from clients in my freelancing business. This is my honest & sincere endorsement.

As a freelancer like me, your time is extremely valuable. You’ll need software that is straight to the point and easy to use. This is where FreshBooks comes in. FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software primarily for service-driven small businesses, which is perfect for freelancers and small agencies. To us freelancers, it’s a timekeeping and billing service allowing a variety of uses such as invoicing, expense tracking and time tracking. It also has accounting reports and tax features.

Why FreshBooks?

There are many reasons to try FreshBooks. First, there is no risk involved. They offer a free account with which you can manage three clients. (This is where I started.) They have three other paid account versions to choose from. If you want to jump right in and try all of their features, again, there’s no risk, because you can try this free for 30 days (no credit card information required). The plans range in features including unlimited clients, additional staff access, unbranded emails, automatic expense importing (which automatically downloads transactions from your bank account), and project management functions. As a freelancer, some of the features that are extremely useful are invoicing and time tracking.

Online Invoicing

The online invoicing features allow you to create professional invoices on the go or at your (home) office. Sending your invoices with FreshBooks allows you to track the invoice views (very handy to determine whether your client has actually looked at it yet). You can even set up late payment fees to automatically update your invoices for you. If you create an estimate for a client, it can quickly and easily be converted to an invoice. FreshBooks is linked to PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, and over 10 other payment methods. (This makes it really fast and easy for me to get paid!) Other features include automated sending of invoices via ground mail, tracking offline payments (checks and cash), late payment reminders, recurring invoicing, and so much more.

Time Tracking

FreshBooks has a timer so your time is tracked for each project you work on and this info goes into your invoices automatically. You can easily integrate it with tons of other software too, such as Toggl. (I’ve integrated mine with Google Apps and MailChimp.) Additionally, you can track your unbilled time (it’s good to know where your time goes) and set different rates for projects and clients.

With FreshBooks, you can’t go wrong. Hell, it makes invoicing and accounting so easy, it’s fun! And FreshBooks keeps their customers (like me) happy. Their customer support team is great too; you talk to a live person! They are constantly improving the software, adding features and making everything more streamlined. For instance, they have an iPhone & iPad app which enables all of the cloud-based invoicing/time-tracking features on the go (which I love).

Go try it out! It’ll make your life as a freelancer so much easier.

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  1. Hi Geoff – Faraz from FreshBooks here, dropping a quick line to say thank you for writing about us! I’ll be sure to circulate this post among our teams back at FreshBooks HQ – it’ll definitely put a smile on everyone’s face.

    Keep on rocking it and stay fresh! 🙂

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