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Posted by on May 11, 2013 in Guest Posts, Personal Freelance Experiences, Productivity | 0 comments

Freelancing Dot Om

The following is an exclusive blog post written by Jorjeana Marie:

Have you been taking care of yourself? Or are you, like me, a workaholic, filled with a free-flowing spring of ambition, hustle and drive?

I have been freelancing since I can remember. Searching for jobs, gigs, anything that I could do and make money, but be able to drop when the Great Creative Gig was offered to me that would change my life. In fact, I have only had a job once where I had to show up at the same time each day. Quitting that job to return to the entrepreneurial freelance life is a crisp and clear memory, frosted with happiness and joy. Oh, to be free and be my own boss again.

But, I have paid a price as well. I did not know when I began to walk this “free” path, but I got the message really quickly. Stress, worry about where the next gig will come from, and overcompensating by taking on too much work (because my motto has always been take the work while you can get it) have caught up to me with the gift of knots and tight shoulders, night-time teeth grinding and empty adrenal glands – my nutritionist said these are very necessary for fighting off stress. Oh the irony; stress took my stress light saber! Ahhh!!!

A solution that has worked for me?


In some yoga classes we start and end class chanting the word “om,” which has some pretty deep meaning – something about it being the union of body, mind and soul, perhaps the sound of the creation of the universe, or maybe even just creation in general.

For me, these yoga classes provide the balance I need – the opportunity to step away from the smart phone, blinking with updates and possible work and the risk that I might even lose a job if I don’t get back to someone in under 59 minutes. Yes, it happened. Yes, I was devastated. Yes, it was a role on a TV show I was perfect for. Yes, I cried. Did I mention devastation?

And, no, I wasn’t in a yoga class. I just didn’t recognize the number and wanted to live life on my terms and check my voice mail when I wanted to.

Because I’m not a monkey. Dance, dance.

I’m a human being in search of inspiration with a desire to inspire.

But that day, I felt so much stress in my body – and as Deepak Chopra says, “Stress is the number one epidemic of our time” – so I knew right then I had to change something.

I started by making a return to yoga, something I had done as a child and into adulthood, mostly on my own and at gyms. Then I joined a real studio and created a schedule of yoga, moving into practicing 6-7 days per week.

These are mostly 60 to 90 minute classes where I am sweating, healing my body of toxins, and stretching my muscles so my stress lumps become dispersing goo. But sometimes I just shut my eyes and breathe deeply in and out at the airport on a layover – and that is my yoga. But I do something every day for me, for a better quality of life, for battery-feeding energy so I can plunge into the lofty goals I’ve set and tick off each self-motivated task.

Want to hear something ironic? I actually stick to a schedule. Happily. My practice gives me flexibility (pardon the wordplay) but also gives me discipline, ritual, accountability and community.

I found something that works for me, that helps me heal, relax, and re-invigorate. Funny enough, I’m busier than I have ever been in my whole life.

The difference is that I am still somehow relaxed enough to take it all in, appreciate, and accept all the jobs – the ones I want, the ones I get and, yes, even the ones that were never meant to be mine.

I found my om.

What’s your om?

Jorjeana Marie is an audio book narrator for Brilliance, Audible and Scholastic and also a successful film and television actress/comedienne. She is the author of the produced plays Ally, MaryJane and Me, and NY, I Love. More info at

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