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Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Freelancer Lifestyle, Guest Posts | 0 comments

In Numbers: Freelance Working Around The World

Whether because of the 2008 financial crisis and the economic collapse that ensued or because of the unstoppable permeation of the internet and mobile phones in our lives, online freelancing has seen a huge rise in the last 5 years.

Some 3 million people worldwide now make a full or part time income from duties such as content writing, design work, web development and translation. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the tasks being filled online.

While many people might have ventured into freelancing by necessity, there are also a large number who decided that this type of work would give them the work-life balance they so greatly desire. Many travel whilst working, others fit jobs around family life and some just like the idea of being their own boss.

Obviously there are some challenges to freelance life too as the infographic suggests, but for the majority these are necessary evils that they are happy to take on in order to achieve their dreams.

This infographic is provided by Brian Fenwick. Brian became a freelance writer after being made redundant in the early days of the economic crisis and has since released an ebook that he hopes will help others follow in his footsteps.

Click to enlarge infographic

In Numbers: Freelance Working Around The World

Click to enlarge infographic


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